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Joining our AutoLicense service is the best way to earn money from unauthorized usage of your music while making sure uploaders don't receive false claims.
We scan YouTube for videos that use your music and review every single upload for compliance with your license requirements (e.g., if the video description contains credits to you). Only when your requirements are not met will we place a Content ID claim on the video and you will receive future revenues. Uploaders who follow your requirements will not even notice you joined AutoLicense, they can continue using your music as before.
If you sell licenses for your music or want to exempt channels from receiving claims altogether, you can do so using our powerful dashboard. In our dashboard, you can also see and manage all your assets, claims, and licenses.
You will receive a monthly payment from us. Many of our artists now earn a significant percentage of their royalties from AutoLicense. You can learn more about our AutoLicense service here.
The best part: It's completely free to sign up. We only earn money when we make you money by receiving a share of the royalties we collect.
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