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YourHit Publishing Sign-Up Form (for affiliated songwriters)

Use this form to register a new songwriter with YourHit Publishing Administration. This form can only be used if you are affiliated with a PRO. If you are not yet affiliated, you can affiliate with IMRO through YourHit. Email us if you are interested in doing that.
This form must be completed and signed by the writer themself. If you are the writer's manager or representative, please forward this form to the writer.

Which PRO are you affiliated with?

First Name

This is the songwriter's first name as it appears on your birth certificate. We require your middle names to eliminate confusion with any other songwriters who may have a similar name to you.

Last Name

Date of Birth


Writer IPI Number

Are you directly affiliated with a US PRO to collect your performance royalties in the United States?


Signing below will allow YourVid GmbH and our partners to manage your catalog, add new songs, collect royalties and administer your selected songs at and other societies worldwide.
Please review the letter of direction you are signing here.