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YouTube Creator Music Opt In

Fill out this form to opt your catalog in to YouTube Creator Music. More details about Creator Music are available here.

Which assets do you want to opt in to Creator Music?

Which pricing strategy do you want to apply?

Choose from YouTube's suggested strategies below.

Please read and accept these additional Creator Music terms.

- You confirm that you have worldwide exclusive sync ownership of all assets you want to include in Creator Music. You are responsible for procuring and paying for all necessary rights, licenses and clearances, including any required payments to recording artists, directors, actors, producers, unions, guilds, collective bargaining associations, performers’ societies, and all other rights holders and royalty participants, except that Google will obtain licenses in public performance/communication to the public and reproduction rights in the musical compositions embodied in your recordings.
- Creator Music is subject to YouTube's terms and license agreements, which can change at any time without notice. You can find the current terms here.
- If eligible, your music will become available in the Creator Music storefront. Among other factors, this requires both sound recording and publishing rights are cleared and not being in conflict. There is no guarantee any assets will become available.
- Creator Music licenses are valid in perpetuity and globally, so ensure you have the right to sell such licenses.
- The amount paid to you is a full and final consideration of the rights granted (both for your sound recording and publishing rights). Creator Music licenses are sold on a flat fee, full buyout basis for the license term (which is perpetuity). You will not be entitled to any royalties or other consideration in connection with the use of your content in Creator Music.
- The license is for using the music under the Creator Music license, which includes the right to record, edit (solely for purpose of timing, transition, playability, and pacing), use, synchronize, reproduce, and make available the applicable recordings in YouTube videos and make copies of videos for exploitation, exhibition, public performance, and distribution on the YouTube Service (including live streaming, on-demand streaming, and conditional downloading) in accordance with the other terms of the license; and to include and publicly display metadata in videos relating to recordings.
- From fees paid by creators, we will deduct YouTube's share, as well as applicable fees and deductions that can change over time (as per the definition of "Royalties" in your contract), and then pay you the agreed on rate of Royalties.
- You will not be able to claim licensed videos through Content ID or issue a take-down of licensed videos.
Please read and accept these additional Creator Music terms.